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LGBT New Year 2013 Trip to Cuba with Yale and Professors Chauncey and Gregg

Exploring Cuba's Cultural Heritage with Yale GALA - Yale's LGBT Alumni Association
December 27, 2013 - January 4, 2014

The AYA is organizing a pilot initiative around shared interest group travel and has invited Yale GALA to sponsor! Professors George Chauncey and Ron Gregg will be hosting an LGBT trip to Cuba for New Year's 2013/14.

Join Professors George Chauncey and Ron Gregg for this unique opportunity to see the natural beauty of the island and the cultural riches of Havana while also learning about Cuba's LGBT life and culture and the community's struggle for acceptance. This special program has been designed to explore the diversity of Cuban LGBT culture and to allow you to meet activists, performers and business leaders from all walks of contemporary Cuban life. More trips around the world may result if this trip is a success!

Stay tuned for more information as space will be limited!


Purchase deadline is September 30, 2013. 


Trip Brochure from AYA:




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