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Mission Statement

Yale GALA is an educational and cultural organization that seeks to promote the well-being and betterment of the Yale University gay and lesbian community, including alumni, faculty, staff, students and the public at large;

  • To assist and aid its members and other members of the community with common problems affecting gay men and lesbians;
  • To provide educational opportunities in the form of scholarships, awards and prizes for Yale University students; 
  • To organize educational events and panels to inform gay and lesbian alumni, students and the general public of current activities and historical significance of gay and lesbian people on collegiate campuses around the country and world;
  • To foster positive relations between Yale University and its gay and lesbian alumni and students;
  • And to participate with other organizations in activities pertaining to the gay and lesbian community and its interests.

    Since that time Yale GALA has embraced a broader definition to include the entire LGBT community, both on and off campus while remaining unwavering in our goal of serving the interests of alumni/ae, students, faculty, staff, friends, and supporters.


© Copyright Yale Gay and Lesbian Alumni/ae Association, Inc., ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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