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NYC: LGBT All-Ivy, Seven Sisters & Friends GALA Night at the Rubin Art Museum
written by Natasha, 7/10/13 9:31am
edited by Natasha, 7/29/14 8:39am

Free entry, cash bar & food. 2-for-1 wine, beer & champagne 6-7 pm. 2 gallery tours: 7 pm & 8 pm Art from Himalayan Asia + great mixer. Last January a record 550 people attended (275 women) RSVP for a spiffy GALA nametag:

Friday, August 1, 6-9 pm..
LGBT All-Ivy, Seven Sisters & Friends GALA Night at the Rubin Art Museum, 150 W. 17th Street, NYC.

Cost: Free entry all night. Cash bar and food.  2-for-1 beer, wine & sparkling 6-7 pm.

Art from Himalayan Asia
(Tibet, Bhutan, India, Nepal, China, Pakistan) + mixer

Last January 550 PEOPLE ATTENDED.  Gender-split was 50% (or more) women, throughout the night. 
RSVP in advance for a spiffy GALA nametag, and all the smart alumni will want to talk to you: 


There will be 2 gallery tours: 1 at 7 pm and 1 at 8 pm. SIGN UP for the gallery tours at our check-in tables (where you get your nametag). Free & limited to 20 people

There will be 3 bars: the main bar (cash or credit) and 2 special bars (1 beer & wine only and one with mixed drinks). The special bars are cash only. 


1. Bodies in Balance: Art of Tibetan Medicine,
2. Gateway to Himalayan Art and the Tibetan Buddist Shrine Room (introductory exhibit to Himalayan art by geography and theme) and
3. the 2014 version of Masterworks: Jewels of the Collection (New rotation began Feb 2014!): the best of Himalayan art in the collection, including amazing museum new acquisitions, being exhibited for the first time.  New exhibits:
   - Rare 7th century Gandharan Style Budha from Afghanistan
  - New Neplese manuscript folio with depiction of Budha Ratnasambhava from 1200
 - 18th colorful scroll of a young Dalai Lama with protective deities  
  - Embroidered image of Vajrapani by Tibetan monks under patronage of China's Ming dynasty- recently restored


Thanks to FFR/Princeton BTGALA and Shawn Cowls for organizing.  Yale GALA is co-hosting:

Thanks to co-hosts! 
 -  Natasha of Yale GALA
 -  Michael Sonberg of Harvard GLC
 - Joan Katz and Jennifer Rexford, FFR/Princeton BTGALA
 -  Sarah Bernett of Cornell University GALA & Amherst GALA
  • Dan Welden, The NYU LGBTQ Alumni Network
  • Brendan Connell, Dartmouth GALA
  • Margaret Fairchild Morton, Columbia
  • Ankur Bajaj, Cornell U GALA
  • Adam Nguyen, Columbia Pride
  • Brian Sperber, Emory GALA
  • Chan Tai, PennGALA
  • Jess Silfa, Columbia GS Alliance

  • More info: 


    Organized by FFR/Princeton BTGALA and co-hosted by Yale GALA, Harvard GLC, Dartmouth GALA, NYU LGBTQ Alumni Network, Cornell U GALA, Columbia Pride and Columbia GS Alliance, Amherst GALA, Emory GALA and PennGALA.  This is an all-schools event. Everyone is welcome to attend. 


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