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NYC: Speak Your Truth Film Premiere NYC -
written by Natasha, 1/6/18 3:39am
edited by Natasha, 7/20/19 9:36am

Join Director Kris Erickson for the NYC Premiere of the new film Speak Your Truth at Anthology Film Archive (32 2nd Ave @ 2nd St) 6:30 PM screening, 8 PM Q&A and afterparty

NYC: Speak Your Truth Film Premiere in New York City

When: Thursday, March 8, 2018. 6 PM doors open, 6:30 - 8 PM film screening, followed by Talkback and Q&A with Director Kristin Erickson (and select cast members) - moderated by Georgia Beers -- and after-party on site to follow

Where: Anthology Film Archive, 32 2nd Avenue (@2nd Street) New York, NY 

Cost: FREE to attend

Tickets are SOLD OUT but there may be some extras, available closer to the event. Please email Natasha ( your name and the # of tickets you want (1 or 2) and Natasha will TRY to get you some

If you have tickets but can't attend please email your EventBrite tickets to and we will find a good home for them. Thank you.


Join Speak Your Truth Director Kris Erickson (and select cast members) -- and Yale GALA, Inc. -- for the New York City premiere of the new film SPEAK YOUR TRUTH

Speak Your Truth is a new film about coming out later in life.  Be the first to see it -- at the beautiful Anthology Film Archive theater at 2nd Avenue and 2nd Street -- and join Director Kris Erickson (and select cast members) for a Talkback and Q&A and a fun afterparty. Everyone is welcome to attend!

Many lesbian coming-out stories look similar: we were in our teens or early twenties. We fell for our best friend or had a crush on a teacher. We had to tell our parents, our best friends, and our siblings. We'd felt that way for a long time but finally decided to act on it and be who we are. 

But there is a less common story, one that has a more difficult path and can leave a lot of heartbreak in its wake: coming out later in life. In our thirties, forties, even fifties or later. There are often marriages involved - children - extended families and neighborhood dynamics. Shocked schools and disapproving older parents and suddenly unwelcoming churches.  

Director Kris Erickson walked this path, leaving her husband of many years when she realized, in her thirties, that she was gay.  On her journey, she met a surprising number of other women who'd gone through the same thing -- all with variations in the story -- and in this candid and interesting documentary, we hear from many of them. Their tales are similar, yet always unique. Women who left husbands they loved (and in many cases still do), moved away from the children they adored, were cut off by parents or religions. and started new lives, anyway.  Through the layers, joys and regrets, you will see that each and every one of these women has one poignant, driving force: she decided to speak her truth.  

Yale GALA, Inc. is proud to co-host the NYC premiere of Speak Your Truth, organized by XX and Director Kris Erickson and co-hosted by XX (List in formation). 

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