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Yale: Nine new Solomon Fellowships were Awarded in 2018
written by Natasha, 6/19/18 1:55am
edited by Natasha, 6/18/18 2:29pm

Full list here:

  • Nine new Solomon Fellowships were Awarded in 2018
A generous gift from Andrew Solomon ‘85 has enabled Yale to organize an annual competition for summer fellowships to support undergraduate research projects in sexuality studies, especially LGBT studies. Stipend support of up to $5,000 is granted for 8-10 weeks of full-time summer research.  Nine new Solomon Fellowships were awarded this summer. 

  • 1. Maeve HowardValuing Bodies: LGBTQ and Gender Nonconforming Reproductive Healthcare

  • 2. Kellyn Kusyk, “Every Dyke Knows a Dyke Mechanic”: Mapping Queer and Trans Theory On the Field of Auto-Mechanics

  • 3. Brian MatusovskyCharacterizing the Experiences of Discrimination and Stigma among Transgender Individuals and Queer Women in Bucharest, Romania (in collaboration with the Romanian Anti-AIDS Association (ARAS)

  • 4. Deborah MontiThe Body in War: The Revolution and Queer Opportunity in Rural Mexico, 1910-1930

  • 5. Rebecca Persson, The Law and BDSM: Consent in Adjudicating Sex

  • 6. Nitya RayapatiLGBTQ Community-Based Healthcare in U.S. Cities in the 1970s

  • 7. Maxwell RichardsonEsteem

  • 8. Liam RileyBlack Queer Urban Resistances and Redefintions: Intersectional Spaces in Late 20th Century Harlem

  • 9. Justine Xu“Culture Change:” Negotiating Heterogeneity in San Francisco’s Queer and Transgender Asian American Community

More info and full lists here: 

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