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NYC: R+J: A female/genderqueer re-imagination of Romeo and Juliet

The future is here, and it is female. R + J is a female/genderqueer adaptation of Shakespeare’s classic Romeo and Juliet. Directed by Molly Houlahan (Yale CC '14). At Access Theatre. Tickets $30: Code YALEGALA for 1-12 sho

Info / tickets:  code YALEGALA for the Yale GALA ticket block on 10-12 at 8 PM
NYC: R+J: A female/genderqueer re-imagination of Romeo and Juliet. The future is here and it is female
Directed by Molly Houlahan (Yale CC '14)
When: Yale GALA, Inc. night is Friday, October 12, 2018 8 pm.  Show runs Sept 27 - October 14, 2018

Where: Access Theater, 
380 Broadway, New York, NY 10013. 4th floor Gallery
Access to the elevator on White Street can be arranged by calling the box office manager, Rachel, at 315 767 9855 when you arrive and she will direct you to the elevator on White Street and let you in. 

Cost: Tickets $30 regular, $35 VIP (reserved seats)

Purchase link:
Use code YALEGALA To access the Yale GALA, Inc. ticket block on Friday, October 12 8 PM.   


ABOUT THE SHOW: R + J is set in a not-too-distant future in a society that has been purged of cisgender men. It’s 25 years past the extermination of the male sex and the government is still relying on martial law for order amongst the factions. The Montagues, the militaristic warmongers who executed the extermination, and The Capulets, the controllers of information and media, fight to regain dominance against the tightening grip of the Sovereign State. In this world of turmoil, the heirs of each faction stumble upon each other and fall in unexpected, passionate love.

Molly Houlahan’s R + J examines what happens when a new society relies upon the patriarchal structures of the past. Can a better world truly be reimagined anew if it relies on old systems of power, money, and love? Houlahan uses Romeo and Juliet to explore mainstream feminism and those who are in danger of being left behind in its wake.

Join us September 27th through October 14th at Access Theater for the revolution!
Friday, October 12 8 PM is Yale GALA, Inc. night at the show

Presented by Hypokrit Theatre Company, whose mission is to produce work exclusively by and for marginalized communities - people of color, the LGBTQ+ community, womxn, and TGNC folks

Proudly announced by Yale GALA, Inc.

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