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On-line memorial for Johannes van de Pol - Yale MA '71 (11/26/43 - 3/22/2020)
written by Natasha, 8/2/14 1:58am
edited by Natasha, 2/1/21 10:24pm

You can view the on-line memorial for Johannes van de Pol here: . Almost 2 hours of photos and remembrances of a life well-lived, in NYC and Holland.

The on-line memorial for Johannes van de Pol (Yale MA '71) is now available.  (Held November 28, 2020)   (Almost 2 hours of photos and tributes)

We are sad to report Johannes passed away on March 22, 2020.  

Johannes studied International Relations at Yale, earning an MA in 1971. He lived in NYC and Utrecht, Holland and worked in cross-border real estate. Earlier he worked at the United Nations. 

While at Yale Johannes founded the Gay Alliance (which became the Yale LGBTQ Co-op), in 1969.  Rolling Stones magazine describes it here:

Johannes was an active Yale GALA member and a speaker at the 2009 LGBTQ first reunion. And he was a gracious host for many events at his Washington Square brownstone, where he warmly welcomed so many who were moving to NYC or simply passing through. 

Dear friends, family, acquaintances and loved ones of Johannes

Hereby we would like to give you notice of the passing of Johannes van de Pol. 
After a remarkable, loving and great life, Johannes passed away on March 22nd in is own house in Utrecht. 
His positivity will keep inspiring us and his love will keep connecting us.

Met vriendelijke groet, with warm regards,

Joost de Muinck Keizer
Amstelkade 84 
1078AN Amsterdam

For memories or photos:

You can view his on-line memorial here:

You can read Johannes' obituary here: 
Johannes van de Pol (11/26/43 - 3/22/2020)

Roughly translated says:  "He came from a well-to-do family from Utrecht and had close ties to the real estate industry, based in New York.   He was good friends with well known Dutch people, and private and institutional investors interested in the US market.  His colleagues and professional contacts praise his friendship and always willingness to be of help in Dutch-US  ties.   All he advertized was a small yearly ad in the real estate conference program for his sole proprietor business.  He traveled every other month to Holland to see family and relations.     He was an uncommonly nice man and an enormous “bon vivant.”   He was always interested in listening to people and helping, and spoke at education events.  Many in the Netherlands trusted him to give good insights about real estate in the US.   His frequent word was “OK.”   He was invited to many homes, often wore a messy jacket, such that people wondered if he was a bum and what I was doing with him.  I remember that with pleasure."
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You can also send photos or memories to Joost at 
And/or post them on the Johannes FB tribute page:

More photos on Facebook in the Yale GALA Johannes FB album:

Johannes FB Tribute Page (put up by Joost). He didn't have one while alive:

You can view his on-line memorial here: 

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