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Leigh Bardugo Discusses "SHADOW and BONE" (Netflix) - YaleWomen & Yale in Hollywood
written by Natasha, 4/21/21 9:46am
edited by Natasha, 4/21/21 1:02am

Watch YouTube video (free) anytime: Leigh Bardugo (Yale '97) discussing "SHADOW and BONE" (Netflix) with Aman Chaudhary (Yale TC '95) and Kathleen Wallace (Yale BR '95). By YaleWomen & Yale in Hollywood.

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Leigh Bardugo (Yale '97 Grace Hopper), "Shadow and Bone" Executive. Producer, #1 NYT Bestselling author of fantasy books: Ninth House and The Grishaverse series, takes a deep dive into her process and her history, with insights on the upcoming Netflix series.

Hosted by storyteller Kathleen Wallace (friend from Yale-Branford '95) and artist Aman Chaudhary (friend from high school Yale - Trumbull '95)

We show old Yale college pix, y'all!


0:00​ "Helloooo Gorgeous!" Pre-show
1:32​ Fun Facts! - The Score & Joseph Trapanese; Captain Automatic
4:42​ Welcome; High School Fun Fact; What's Leigh Most Excited About Now?
10:56 Strong Female Characters - Strong Characters of All Genders
15:19 Diversity and Inclusion in the Books
21:40 World-building and Research; Translating the Timeline to Television
28:49 Ninth House; College Photos!!!; The Origin Story of Leigh Bardugo!
37:19 The Writing Process - Strategies and Advice
44:35 Which Character is Leigh in the Books? (Plus More Candid Pix!!!) Inej x Kaz
57:21 The Process of Writing for the Show; Video Game Adaptations?
1:02:22 Most Exciting Parts of the Show; The Origins of Names
1:13:41 From Being at Conventions to Being on Set; The Cast and Casting
1:22:48 Evolving as a Writer from "Shadow and Bone" to "Ninth House" to Screenwriting
1:32:03 Favorite Books and Comfort Reads; Body Image and Fat Shaming
1:35:52 Short Stories: "Language of Thorns" and "The Lives of Saints"
1:40:48 Advise for Being Strong, Book Recommendations, and What's Next!

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