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NYC: LGBT GALA Alumni Night at the Rubin Art Museum
written by Natasha, 1/19/13 6:33am
edited by Natasha, 7/14/15 11:29am

Cost: Free entry, 2-for-1 wine, beer & champagne 6 - 7 PM Come join in a Yale + All-Schools LGBT GALA Mixer. Always a great night. Optional RSVP for name tag: In August 2014 over 500 people attended: 250 women and 250 men

Friday, July 17, 2015, 6 - 9 pm (Museum closes 10 pm)

Where: Rubin Art Museum, 150 W 17th St. NYC 
Cost: Free entry, 2-for-1 wine, beer & champagne 6 - 7 PM

Come join in a Yale + All-Schools LGBT alumni/ae mixer.  See the check-in table for a nametag.

The Rubin Art Museum showcases art from the Himalayan region, from ancient to contemporary

Always a great night.

We will be downstairs in the lobby mingling and upstairs in the galleries.  Almost everyone at the Museum will be GALA / from our groups!  Look for the nametags.

Last summer we had 500 people: 250 women & 250 men. Two free group tours (7 & 8 PM) are available for sign-up at our registration desk (first come, first served) or you can mingle in the galleries and lobby at your own pace.

Optional RSVP by July 16 for a spiffy nametag:

Exhibits - All are New since our last visit in January! 

Becoming Another - The Power of Masks - similarities and differences in masks across regions 

Honoring Nepal (lobby exhibit)

Gateway to Himalayan Art and the Tibetan Buddist Shrine Room (Opened July 1)

Collecting Paradise - Buddist Art of Kashmir and its Legacies

Art with Benefits - The Drigung Tradition (Drigung is a Tibetan Buddist Community founded in the 12th century.  The exhibit traces 800 years of the Drigung art)

Masterworks - Jewels of the (Permanent) Collection - February 4 2015 rotation.  Shows 1,000 years of regional art, with the art of Tibet in relationship to the other regions.

Special pieces here include: 
 - Gandharan Style Buddha from Afghanistan (recently purchased)
-  Newly acquired Nepalese manuscript folio with a depiction of Buddha Ratnasambhava (ca. 1200)
-  Rich and colorful scroll painting of a group of protective deities from the late 18th century featuring a young Dalai Lama;  and
- An embroidered image of Vajrapani produced under the guidance of Tibetan Buddhist teachers in an image-making technique perfected under the lavish patronage of the Chinese Ming court.


There is an optional dance floor in the theater (downstairs), with Tarana + Tektonik electronic music concert. $20 cost.

Thanks to our co-hosts!

  • Natasha, Yale GALA
  • Jen Rexford, FFR/Princeton BTGALA
  • Joan Fong, Harvard GSC
  • Mervyn Han, Harvard GSC, UVA Serpentine Society
  • Michael Sonberg, Harvard GLC
  • Dan Welden, the NYU LGBTQ Alumni Network
  • Dominique Johnson, Bryn Mawr LGBT Alums
  • Cristhian Escobar, Wesleyan LGBTQ Alumni Network
  • Yosh Hsin, Brandeis GALA
  • Chan Tai, PennGALA & USC Lambda
  • Abhi Gupta, Cornell U GALA
  • Kevin Chung, Cornell U GALA
  • Robert Alva Cain, Columbia GS Alliance
  • Liam Dacey, GALA ND/SMC

    Organized by FFR/Princeton BTGALA & the Asian American Alumni Association of Princeton (A4P) and co-hosted by Yale GALA, Harvard GSC, The NYU LGBTQ Alumni Network, Bryn Mawr LGBT Alums, Wesleyan LGBTQ Alumni Network, the UVA Serpentine Society, Brandeis GALA, PennGALA, USC Lambda, CUGALA (Cornell), Columbia GS Alliance & GALA ND/SMC.

    Everyone is welcome to attend! 


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