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NYC: GALA Visit to the Museum of Jewish Heritage

What: GALA Visit to the Museum of Jewish Heritage

When: Wednesday, August 26, 5:30 - 7:30 PM.  (Museum closes at 8 PM)

Where: Museum of Jewish Heritage, 36 Battery Place, Downtown.

Cost: FREE entry to the museum (beginning at 4 PM Wednesdays)

RSVP: Appreciated at

Join us for an informal gathering at the Museum of Jewish Heritage, to see the special exhibition "Nazi Persecution of Homosexuals," which includes fascinating information on the flourishing of gay culture before the war, as well as poignant portraits of many of the lives lost.  This will be our first visit to this museum!

We will meet in the gallery during the hours of free admission at the Museum, located at the southern tip of leafy Battery Park City, just west of Battery Park.

The exhibit is in an airy gallery with a beautiful view of the Statue of Liberty and the Harbor.

Representatives from Yale GALA, FFR/Princeton BTGALA and other GALAs will be seated in the exhibit space with name tags, to give us the opportunity to connect and to chat informally about the show.  Ask for a name tag to find our group.

Many thanks to FFR/Princeton BTGALA's Diana Silverman for organizing the event.

Thanks also to co-hosts:

  • Natasha, Yale GALA
  • Diana Silverman, FFR/Princeton BTGALA
  • Shawn Cowls, FFR/Princeton BTGALA
  • Michael Sonberg, Harvard GSC
  • James Sherman, Stanford Pride

    Between 1933 and 1945, the Nazi German regime promoted racial health policies that sought to eliminate all sources of biological corruption to its dominant "Aryan" race. Among the groups persecuted as threats to the national health were Germany's homosexual men. Believing them to be carriers of a "degeneracy" that weakened society and hindered population growth, the Nazi state arrested and incarcerated in prisons and concentration camps tens of thousands of German men as a means of terrorizing them into social conformity.


    This exhibition examines the Nazi regime's attempt to eradicate homosexuality. The Nazis' efforts left thousands dead and shattered the lives of many more. 


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