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Yale GALA Ivy-Plus Virtual Book Club. Discussing The Gods of Tango
written by Natasha, 6/3/20 11:26pm
edited by Natasha, 11/29/20 11:17pm

Thursday, September 17, 8 PM EST (5 PM Pacific) Join us to discuss The Gods of Tango by Carolina de Robertis (2015) -- on a lively Zoom call. RSVP to attend:

Join us Thursday, September 17, 2020 8-9:30 PM EST (5-6:30 PM Pacific Time) 

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What: Yale GALA Ivy-Plus Virtual Book Club. Discussion of The Gods of Tango by Carolina de Robertis (2015). Everyone welcome. 
When: Thursday, September 17, 2020. 8-9:30 PM EST (5-6:30 PM Pacific Time).  Check back for RSVP info. 
Optional: submit book ideas for next session (during RSVP or email to Jim and Natasha anytime) 
Cost: FREE 

Enjoy a lively and engaging discussion with old and new friends, about our book The Gods of Tango, by Carolina de Robertis (2015). 

A Stonewall Books award winner. And NBC Latino selection for Ten Great Latino books. 

Yalies and friends are warmly invited; everyone is welcome.

Gods of Tango follows Leda, who immigrates to Argentina, passes as a man, discovers love for women and dances the tango.  

A lyrical, riveting story of a young woman whose passion for the early sounds of tango becomes a force of profound and unexpected change.

February 1913: seventeen-year-old Leda, carrying only a small trunk and her father’s cherished violin, leaves her Italian village for a new home, and a new husband, in Argentina. Arriving in Buenos Aires, she discovers that he has been killed, but she remains: living in a tenement, without friends or family, on the brink of destitution. Still, she is seduced by the music that underscores life in the city: tango, born from lower-class immigrant voices, now the illicit, scandalous dance of brothels and cabarets. Leda eventually acts on a long-held desire to master the violin, knowing that she can never play in public as a woman. She cuts off her hair, binds her breasts, and becomes “Dante,” a young man who joins a troupe of tango musicians bent on conquering the salons of high society. Now, gradually, the lines between Leda and Dante begin to blur, and erotic desires for women that she has kept suppressed reveal themselves, jeopardizing not only her musical career, but her life. 


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Next date: Thursday, October 15, 2020. 8-9:30 PM EST (5-6:30 PM Pacific Time)

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