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Families with LGBTQ Children or Parents: Countering Stigma with Knowledge and Support

Jamie Marks '83 founded The Constellation Project which published a report by Yale, University of Cambridge and Columbia professors containing state-of-the-science reviews. Download report here:

Families with LGBTQ children and those with LGBTQ parents can face harassment, legal discrimination and stigma. The Constellation Project is committed to alleviating stigma, increasing support and effecting change for these families by expanding knowledge in ways that are inclusive, scientific and respectful.


Millions of American families include LGBTQ people who are children or parents. When there is stigmatization, it harms entire families. Where are social change, delivery of affirmation and more knowledge especially needed? 


Access the report here 



James D. Marks (Yale '83) is Constellation’s CEO and an internet pioneer who founded, ran, and then sold, a leader in HIV/AIDS information. His patents include online clinical trials recruitment for hard-to-find demographics. Following the sale of his company, he has supported research about LGBTQ Families through the Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law; Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Studies at Yale University; Tufts University School of Medicine; and Columbia University School of Law. 


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