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Yale in Hollywood Fest - A Global, Virtual Film Festival

Join Yale in Hollywood for a Global, Virtual Film Festival December 1-3 Festival pass is $12 to stream all films

What: Yale in Hollywood Fest - A Global, Virtual Film Festival

When: December 1-3, 2022

Where: Anywhere you have a device connected to the Internet

Cost: $12 for the Festival Pass. Proceeds go to a cash prize pot which winning filmmakers will share

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Welcome to the 2022 edition of Yale in Hollywood Fest, a global virtual film festival streaming worldwide from December 1 to 3, 2022. The online event will stream its programs (Opening Feature, a feature program, two shorts programs and Closing Feature) from Dec 1 to Dec 3 with live Q&A events. Yale in Hollywood Fest showcases features and short films that include at least one Yale student, alumnus or current staff in the starring, producing, writing or directing chair.

Yale in Hollywood Fest 2022 has five components:

1. The opening feature is "Lane 1874."

There are three shorts programs:
 2. "Musical and Comedy Shorts,"
 3. "Dramatic Shorts" and
 4. "Documentary & Experimental Panorama."

The closing feature
5. "When the Music Stops" is a world / global premiere of a feature made during the pandemic by a current Yale student Ryan Shea.

This year, an All Festival Pass is $12 to stream the collection of films. You may pre-order purchase the pass below. All VOD revenues will go directly into a cash prize pot where all the competitive festival prize winning filmmakers will share. Help us to grow the festival with your support!




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