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Watch CC Dances the GoGo - A Little Love Story by Erin C. Buckley (Yale MFA '06)
written by Natasha, 8/10/20 5:36pm
edited by Natasha, 3/5/23 2:32pm

Watch CC Dances the GoGo - A little love story between Nicky and and CC the GoGo dancer. 11 minutes. Created by Erin C. Buckley (Yale MFA '06) who did Platonic (2020).

Join Yale GALA for CC Dances the GoGo - A Little Love Story plus GoGo Dancing. 
Available on YouTube now.

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Created by Erin C. Buckley (Yale Drama MFA '06)

The short follows Nicky, a freelancer who is struggling and living in her head. She goes to her local lesbian bar where she meets and connects with CC, the go-go dancer, and their connection emotionally and physically is ultimately everything Nicky is looking to experience in the real world with another human.

Erin Buckley is also the creator of Platonic (a 10-episode, short-form digial series set in pre-pandemic Brooklyn and with a cast / crew of 9 Yale alumni/ae. Set in a memory of New York City just before the pandemic, PLATONIC follows Olive (a gay Brooklynite) and Billy (her mostly straight. best friend) as they look for love and document their search via voicemail messages to each other.

This 10-episode series juxtaposes the radical intimacy and hazy boundaries of non-romantic relationships with the sexual fluidity and emotional ambiguity of modern dating.

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ambiguity of modern dating.

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